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Collection: Staunton Chess Sets

Staunton Style Chess Pieces

Staunton Style Chess Pieces offers many advantages to players. The style of chess board allows for larger pieces and other openings that make the game more dynamic and interesting. In addition, many of the greatest grandmasters started their careers playing Staunton chess and have created a legacy in the sport that continues today.

Staunton Style Chess Pieces


Chess pieces are very important and an arrangement of pieces has to be such that the player can use the pieces best. Chess is a sport where luck plays a large role. Players that play poorly get behind and risk being checked or moved. This can keep the player at the disadvantage.


There are many advantages to using Staunton chess pieces. It is often recommended that when playing a game with Staunton pieces that players avoid colours that will cause a check. Staunton style chess pieces also make the game more interesting because they have a more diverse array of colours.


To help players choose which pieces to use, there are many books that explain how to best play. These books include diagrams and photos of the different styles of pieces. These guides allow players to play as if they were playing against a professional. They will be able to choose the right moves at the right time. When playing with books, it is important to keep in mind that each book is different and should be used as such. Some may be based on older editions of the game, while others may be based on advanced strategies. It is important to choose a book that best suits the style of the player.

 Many players prefer to use Staunton chess pieces that look like horses because they are more realistic. The styles of the pieces are based on the horse kingdom and the Staunton style allows players to choose from a variety of colours. In addition, the black Staunton style of chess pieces is symbolic of purity and beauty. To learn about how to play Staunton style chess pieces, you must consider several factors. One is the player's skill level. A beginner can use Staunton chess pieces at the intermediate level while a grandmaster is best served by the advanced style. The biggest factor is what the player wants to accomplish. There are many books available that offer a wide variety of playing styles and strategies. It is important to choose one that works well for the player. With so many options, the player can be assured of achieving the goal of perfect play.