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Are There Any Advantages to Having a Classical Wooden Chess Set?

Many people are wondering if there are any advantages to having a classical or wooden chess set. Is it just an accessory for those who love chess and want to create an aesthetically pleasing look? If you asked me, I would say there are many advantages to this type of chess set.

Traditional Wooden Chess Set Games


For one thing, the classical style of chess set is built to last and can take a beating. This is not the case with the steel chess sets that many stores sell. A traditional wooden set is built to last. A lot of metal chess sets are prone to rust.


Steel pieces also have more parts and they tend to make bigger, more complex pieces. The metal pieces are also cheaper to produce. However, some styles of metal pieces are more expensive depending on if nickel, brass alloy etc is used

Now, the board that is on the pieces is an important piece of the game. It plays a role in adding complexity, so you want to make sure that it is high quality and is worth the investment. The biggest advantage to the traditional chess set is the price. They are far less expensive than the other styles of a chess set. While some might prefer steel games, I personally like the wooden chess sets that are built to last.

The other advantage to the chess set that I like is the more formal look it creates. When you first set up the set, you will notice the difference. This is especially true when you take the board apart and see all of the intricate details that you can choose from. You can find different types of wood that you can add to the game such as oak, cherry, ash, and mahogany. Each has its own beauty and unique grain patterns that will appeal to you.

The different styles will also provide you with choices. You will be able to customize your games to fit your needs, as well as provide you with some exciting new designs. With the different varieties, you are going to find one that fits your personal taste. With modern metal games, you will get a single game piece and it won't do anything for you. You will have to keep buying them to get more players.

With wooden chess sets, you will also find that you can add more pieces. There is no need to purchase those metal chess pieces to be able to play the game. The beauty of the wooden game pieces is that they can be used to add variety to your games. In the end, there are many advantages to the classical style of the chess set. While there are advantages to playing metal chess games, I have found that the classic wooden style games are much more fun and they offer more options when it comes to customization.