Chess Tables

Chess tables, furniture and couches - there is a huge selection of luxury furniture for the home, including chess tables. There are many companies who offer luxurious furniture items, including hand crafted chess tables, to suit every taste and budget. Because of the vast array of choices available, it can be difficult to know which furniture style will suit your home.

Chess Tables


There are many choices when it comes to choosing a chess set or chess table. These items are designed to provide an excellent space for chess play, as well as other activities such as lounging around or reading a book. Furniture sets, tables and couches can be found in many different materials; here are some of the most popular types of furniture.


Leather - these tables are available in a variety of sizes and are often stitched with wooden chess boards and black leather. Leather furniture is very durable and can look stylish when it is combined with other styles. Some leather chairs even have built in drawers and armrests.

Ebony - these are a beautiful dark colored wood, stained in various hues. These tables have highly figured grained ebony tops and edges. These pieces are highly valued by collectors and many of them are passed down from generation to generation.

Rosewood - these pieces have intricate patterns on their sides, reminiscent of dragonflies and ivy. Rosewood is a highly prized wood due to its beauty and strength. Rosewood furniture is prized by fine decorators and is available in cherry or black color.

Rosewood furniture is often crafted by using knots and straps, making the pieces very attractive and beautiful. They are a favorite of country home decorators, as well as European style. Many European style decorators prefer to have a variety of tables and chairs, but can do without the beautiful, crafted pieces if they do not fit into their design plans.

Mahogany - this type of wood is very hard and durable, especially when finished with the soft, golden finish. Mahogany tables and chairs came in many shapes and styles, such as round, rectangular, square and American style. The larger mahogany tables can hold a variety of pieces for a variety of games and also serve as a coffee table.

Mahogany tables can be used as a seating option or can be placed on a patio, balcony or porch for those grand days away from home. The pieces are very popular because of their durability and beauty. These pieces will not warp or fade, so mahogany chess tables and chairs are a great investment for any chess enthusiast.

Cedar - this type of wood is resistant to wood rot and insects. It is a dark-colored wood that will add the feel of elegance to any room. Cedar furniture is a very affordable alternative to leather or wood. 

Cedar furniture is very strong and sturdy. It is often used in fine-dining tables or upholstered chairs. The pieces can be carved or hand painted.

Although these are considered to be great furniture items, they are not suitable for all rooms. For example, rosewood furniture would be ideal for use in bedrooms, where privacy is paramount. Also, it should not be used in any area where children may be present.

The chess pieces themselves can be purchased in different sizes, allowing you to choose exactly what pieces to include in the chess set or table. It would be best to purchase a large enough piece so that you can use it as a chess board or as a bonus piece when playing a game.